Androgel side effects men

The side effects of AndroGel will include the suppression of natural testosterone production in all men who supplement with the compound. For the low testosterone patient, the primary users of this steroid , this suppression is of no concern as they are no longer producing enough testosterone to begin with. The use of this compound will be providing all the testosterone they need. For the performance athlete, suppression is again of no concern as the AndroGel will provide all the testosterone they need. For such an athlete, assuming there was no prior low level condition natural production will begin again on its own once use is discontinued. While natural production will begin on its own, most men are encouraged to implement a Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) plan in order to facilitate a stronger and more efficient recovery. However, this does not apply to the low testosterone patient. Low testosterone patients will not at any time discontinue the use of exogenous testosterone or they will once again be in a low testosterone state.

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Androgel side effects men

androgel side effects men


androgel side effects menandrogel side effects menandrogel side effects menandrogel side effects menandrogel side effects men