Androgen replacement therapy

Although these molecules are tissue-selective with regards to their effects, they are not perfectly tissue-selective. Some display a disparity of anabolic (*tissue building) versus androgenic (*secondary sexual characteristic promoting) effect as high as 10:1 (although it should be noted that some have a much lower ratio). In practical terms, it would be highly unlikely that an effective muscle building dose would cause any noticeable side effects, and especially not when compared to traditionally prescribed anabolic steroids such as testosterone.

My case is a little special (I wrote you a quite long email to explain every analysis I did during the last 4 years, I also saw many specialists who couldn’t tell me what I suffer from and what to do..)
But to summarise :
– hyperandrogenism, alopecia, acne, hirsutism and hypoestrogenism since 4 years, amenorrhea since last february ;
– LH, FSH, progesteron (I did’nt know in which part of my cycle I was but in every part it was ok), TSH/T4/FT3/FT4, ACTH stimulation test, 24 hours cortisolurie, 17-OH-progesteron, DHEA, SHBG, fasting insulin/glucose tolerance test, abdominal ultrasound normal ;
– Delat-4-Androstenedione high level (14,4 in 2013, 15,3nmol/l for 2 months – normal: 1,4-12)
– Hypoestrogenism (17 pg/ml)
– New ultrasound last month that may shows PCOS.

Androgen replacement therapy

androgen replacement therapy


androgen replacement therapyandrogen replacement therapyandrogen replacement therapyandrogen replacement therapyandrogen replacement therapy