Boldenone cypionate pip

My question is if results will be seen quicker with bold cypionate compared to the "standard" equipoise with the undecylenate ester. I am just curious as to whether you could run a 12 wk cycle incorporating the bold cyp and receive its full potential. I know that it is recommended to run EQ at least 16 weeks because it takes longer to kick in because of the long undecylenate ester. Other than the time frame to experience maximum benefits, I am assuming the effects are the same since boldenone is the active steroid. Is my reasoning totally off base here or have I made correct assumptions?

I think the 2 pages of comments have said everything that need too be but, I want to tell you to. Your a fool if your going to use aas as a quick remidy for a stick figure. You need to eat. Do you think gear grows muscle? When you have a diet nailed down and you are putting on muscle without aas you will understand. Sounds to me like you have it stuck in your head you need something when in reality you dont. You can get the 22 yr olds without taking shit. Trust me. Its confidence dude. Thats what will attract the women, if you're a confident skinny guy and walk int the club that way u will get em. But if your 220 shredded and a fucking mouse. Might as well stay home and beat off.

Boldenone cypionate pip

boldenone cypionate pip


boldenone cypionate pipboldenone cypionate pipboldenone cypionate pip