Decanted at the senator

It’s interesting looking at the county-by-county results on Nate Silver’s webpage. It looks like what we’re seeing isn’t really a shift as much as it is increased polarization. In heavily Republican counties like Baldwin, Marshall, Etowah and Cullman counties, Jones is actually doing significantly worse than average for a Dem. In heavily Democratic counties like Jefferson, Mobile and Tuscaloosa, Jones is doing incrediblly well, much stronger than a typical Dem. He’s almost doubling the typical Dem percentage in those counties. There’s just a very few counties where it is actually flipping. But one county, Washington, really flipped bigtime – it went from +15 R to + D. It looks like if Jones wins tonight he will have done it by increasing turnout in already D-leaning counties.

Unwilling to risk losing what remained of Jango Fett's blood, the main source for producing the Fett clones, one of the 501st's primary objectives was to capture a container that held a sample of Fett's DNA. After storming Tipoca City and retrieving the container, the 501st brought their progenitor's blood sample to a landing platform an Imperial shuttle awaited them. From there, the shuttle took Fett's DNA off planet to safety while the 501st fought on against their rebel brethren. After gaining further ground from outside the city, the 501st went on to fulfill its next primary objective—destroying the Kaminoan life support systems in order to kill all of the rebel clones that had not yet been decanted, thus preventing the Kaminoans from raising more Anti-troopers against the Empire in the future. Despite being protected by a numerous elite ARC troopers, the rebel clones failed to prevent the 501st from killing the undeveloped clones within the facility. [9]

Decanted at the senator

decanted at the senator


decanted at the senatordecanted at the senatordecanted at the senator