Eq bold cycle

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That's kind of snobby and arrogant, Bill, that you "don't deal with credit unions" on a "matter of principle". I find it odd that you'll invest in their preference/preferred investment shares for the sake of decent dividend return (though not guaranteed as they are almost always non-cumulative, meaning where no dividend is declared by the Board, they are not obligated for any missed dividend payments). Also, keep in mind credit union investment shares often have liquidity issues in terms of getting your money out if you need it. Yes, they have a par value, which is good, but take Meridian Credit Union's frequent investment share issues...they commit to a dividend rate for a period of 5 years but the dividends are still not guaranteed and you can't sell your shares for 5 years. They say they'll "try" and find another member to buy them within 5 years for you but, even after five years, you're generally limited to withdrawals of about 10-20% of the current share balance that you hold. Don't get me wrong...I'd invest in credit union investment shares, too, because I trust them but to put more faith in banks over credit unions is just wrong, in my view. 🙁

Eq bold cycle

eq bold cycle


eq bold cycleeq bold cycleeq bold cycleeq bold cycleeq bold cycle