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Super Cruise will effectively be the first SAE Level 3 autonomous vehicle offering for highway speeds. (The Audi A8 Level 3 system will shut down above a traffic-jam speed of 37 mph.) Company reps assiduously avoid using that terminology, however, perhaps because competitors such as Ford and Volvo have made a big deal of their intentions to skip over Level 3 and go right to Level 4 “full autonomy,” in which the vehicle is “designed to perform all safety-critical driving functions and monitor roadway conditions for an entire trip” (when traveling on mapped roadways—Level 5 is full humanlike go-anywhere autonomy).

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There are characteristics unique to cetaceans. The first one is the posterior process that is enlarged from the posterior crus, forming the primary bullar articulation to the basicranium. The second defining characteristic is that the sigmoid process is enlarged. The third characteristic is a conical apophysis that is modified from the ectotympanic ring. Then there is the conical tympani ligament, derived from the tympanic membrane. Lastly, the involucrum formed from the pachyosteosclerosis of the bulla. [17] These unique traits evolved overtime, from the terrestrial Pakicetidae to the crown whales today.

Eq only cruise

eq only cruise


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