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MB is okay but learning EQ is far more supiorior in my opinion. Here’s a scenario, you are trying to pull into a parking spot and one car is parked on the line and you start thinking, well I’m going to park in this spot no matter what and what an a-hole for parking like that! However, with a high EQ you add: well perhaps the person parked on the other side of that car did exactly what I just did! Now without the high EQ you may be thinking: as you’re pumped on test, bol, maybe some halo, whatever, you get the point, I’M GOING TO RIP THIS DUDES HEAD OFF! Out trots an elderly couple in which they were both just told one of them has about 4 months to live. And here you/we are ready to pounce, old man with can, don’t mess with, but back to it, you got all pumped for nothing and feel like a jerk. ALL that’s avoided if you simply tell yourself, hey, they probably had to do the same as me, and this time comes out a couple that are both younger than you, twice as jacked, looks tough as shit, millionaires, now aren’t you glad you shit the heck up?!?! Point being you can avoid a lot of unwanted stress by applying self-awareness and EQ.

The first vertebrates appeared over 500 million years ago ( Mya ), during the Cambrian period , and may have resembled the modern hagfish in form. [30] Sharks appeared about 450 Mya, amphibians about 400 Mya, reptiles about 350 Mya, and mammals about 200 Mya. Each species has an equally long evolutionary history , but the brains of modern hagfishes, lampreys , sharks, amphibians, reptiles, and mammals show a gradient of size and complexity that roughly follows the evolutionary sequence. All of these brains contain the same set of basic anatomical components, but many are rudimentary in the hagfish, whereas in mammals the foremost part (the telencephalon ) is greatly elaborated and expanded. [31]

Eq steroid dansk

eq steroid dansk