Equipoise 250 max pro

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* Testosterone-Propionate is optimal but Testosterone-Cypionate or Testosterone-Enanthate can be used if the Propionate is a problem for you.
* Trenbolone-Acetate will really set this cycle off more so than any steroid in the stack. If you respond poorly to the hormone you might replace it with Masteron-Propionate at a dosing of 300mg per week; three injections of 100mg each.
* While Equipoise on its own is not a great mass builder, coupled with Testosterone-Propionate and the initial Dianabol use you will produce some very solid gains and see your strength increase very nicely. Further, EQ will promote a more conditioned look while you’re still growing.
* Arimidex may not be needed for some but most will be best served with this low dose. If aromatase related side-effects become a problem you will need to increase the dose to 1mg/eod and in most all men this will eliminate the problems.
* How much weight can you gain from this cycle? That’s a hard question to answer; it will greatly depend on how high your calorie intake is. If you are eating a maintenance level diet you may be able to put on 7-10lbs of tissue, this is excluding any water weight that might come with the Dianabol but any water weight will dissipate shortly after it’s discontinued. Further, the Arimidex will greatly help control this issue. Moreover, the higher your carb intake is above necessity the more water you’ll probably hold.

Equipoise 250 max pro

equipoise 250 max pro


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