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Great post – thank you. We’re sitting on the front end of our journey and I can already see how deliberate and creative we’ll need to be to travel to all the place we’d like to go. Our girls are six years apart (eight and two). Two year-old’s aren’t the greatest travelers, yet we’re still trying to hit places they can both enjoy. Last spring we went to Yosemite which they both loved and still talk about to this day. Nature based trips seem to feed everyone’s soul regardless of age and stage.

Rabbia and Pini (2010) stated that atherosclerotic renovascular disease is an increasingly recognized cause of severe hypertension and declining kidney function.  Patients with atherosclerotic renovascular disease have been demonstrated to have an increased risk of adverse cardiovascular events.  In the past 20 years, renal artery re-vascularization for treatment of ARAS has gained great increase via percutaneous techniques.  However the effectiveness of contemporary re-vascularization therapies in the treatment of RAS is unproven and controversial.  The indication for renal artery stenting is widely questioned due to a not yet proven benefit of renal re-vascularization compared to best medical therapy.  Many authors question the effectiveness of percutaneous renal re-vascularization on clinical outcome parameters, such as preservation of renal function and BP control.  None of the so far published RCTs could prove a beneficial outcome of RAS re-vascularization compared with medical management.

Equipoise genesis

equipoise genesis


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