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If the doctors were sensitive or thoughtful enough to even consider the impact they were having on the family, none of this would happen. The kind of extreme bullying behavior and rank dishonesty the author experienced is not reflective of a lack of understanding, but of a lack of empathy and a desire and need to be “right” at all costs and to punish anyone challenging her authority. He was very fortunate, indeed, to have landed with a sane psychiatrist who recognized the difference between normal teen angst and an actual medical condition. I’d estimate that 90% of psychiatrists would have backed the family doctor to the hilt.

I to also have of the zoo close to me, i to have of my books, I to have of my puzzels and stuffed toys and my stimmy things. i to have of my room of safe things and things that calm me. I to have of a nice areas to walk in and swing at the park in. I to have of much water sources near of me that I to like to be of near for sensory pleasure and calm. i to be of learning in the life of me I to have of choices. I can be of to walk or not or type and connect or self stim and no one comes to force me to do this or that or to stop of this or that.

Haldol i.m depot

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