How to test for low t

Hello Charles. I’m doing comparing water quality before 2010 and after 2010. I’m using t-test from excel to test it. I also used SPSS to run Mann-whitney U-test on the same data. From SPSS, one of the results showed : “Exact Sig. [2*(1-tailed Sig.)]”. From my understanding, I think SPSS determine it as a one-tailed and thus i need to divide the p-value by 2 in order to get the right . But how do i know that the results from t-test in excel is in one tailed or two-tailed? If mann-whitney analysis it as one-tailed, should i take the one-tailed p-value for t-test too (say I run on the same set of data).

Similarly, the Telegraph film critic Robbie Collin disapproved of the test as prizing "box-ticking and stat-hoarding over analysis and appreciation", and suggested that the underlying problem of the lack of well-drawn female characters in film ought to be a topic of discourse, rather than individual films failing or passing the Bechdel test. [45] FiveThirtyEight ' s writer Walt Hickey noted that the test does not measure whether any one film is a model of gender equality, and that passing it does not ensure the quality of writing, significance or depth of female roles—but, he wrote, "it's the best test on gender equity in film we have—and, perhaps more important ..., the only test we have data on". [38]

How to test for low t

how to test for low t


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