Male hormone replacement therapy doctors

This is a very informative article and has helped me understand more about hormone replacement therapy, I am a pre-op MTF transgender and hoping to get onto prescription hormones in the next 12 months. Also, thanks for the amazon purchase link above in the comment reply to patricia for the ‘ ProEstro estrogen pills ‘ – I started taken those pills along with the ‘ Life-Flo Biestro Body Cream ‘ after reading this article and I have noticed an increase in my breast size already for which I am happy and grateful to you.

For those who want to avoid estrogens in any form, phytoestrogens from plants are a consideration. A soy extract that provides at least 50 mg of soy phytoestrogens are often a key ingredient for effective natural estrogen replacement therapy. Based upon records of dietary soy consumption inJapan, where breast cancer incidence is very low, daily soy isoflavone intake has been estimated at 50 mg per day. The typical Western diet, on the other hand, only provides 1 to 5 mg a day of the soy isoflavones that may protect against several forms of cancer.

I was completely skeptical at first.  I’d seen the ads and heard the benefits, but I really struggled to believe it.  More so, I struggled with the fact that since I passed 40, my metabolism had slowed and it became almost impossible to lose weight and get leaner.  I’ve trained consistently for 25 years and looked above average for most of those years.  I had fallen to average regardless of how hard I trained or how clean my diet was. I hit a serious road block. Age.  A friend of mine went through the program and had unbelievable results.  However he was a full time personal trainer, younger than me and a former college athlete.  Again, I was skeptical.  Finally, after a serious operation in January that would take me out of the gym for 8 weeks, I decided that I could not continue my slide.

Male hormone replacement therapy doctors

male hormone replacement therapy doctors


male hormone replacement therapy doctorsmale hormone replacement therapy doctorsmale hormone replacement therapy doctorsmale hormone replacement therapy doctorsmale hormone replacement therapy doctors