Nandrolone effects body

Although anabolic androgenic steroids like Nandrolone may increase lean muscle mass, strength, and the ability to train longer and harder, the serious side effects of steroids are many and may not be reversible. The minor side effects of steroid use include acne, oily skin, excess hair growth, and deepening of the voice. The major side effects of steroid use include an increased risk of cancer, increased risk of heart and liver disease, jaundice, fluid retention, reduction in HDL-C (“good cholesterol”), high blood pressure, changes in blood coagulation, increased risk of atherosclerosis, swelling of the soft tissues of the extremities (edema), and obstructive sleep apnea.

Cholesterol - Cholesterol is a major precursor of cholesterol ester, bile acids, and steroid hormones and is a component of plasma membranes. It is a necessary component of all cell membranes. It is the precursor to all steroid hormone (including estrogen , testosterone , cortisol , and vitamin D ). It is the leading organic molecule in the brain and is needed for brain function. However, too much cholesterol in the bloodstream can be unhealthy, it builds up in the artery wall and can lead to the signs and symptoms of coronary heart disease.

Estrogen is a hormone present in both males and females, but predominant in females. Hormones are messengers that transport information and instructions to different parts of the body and affect nearly every cell and organ. Estrogen is required for several crucial functions in a woman’s body. It keeps the skin smooth and moist, keeps the body’s internal thermostat operating properly, assists in the regulation of cholesterol levels, prevents memory loss, is necessary for proper bone formation and the growth and development of female sexual characteristics and reproduction.

Nandrolone effects body

nandrolone effects body


nandrolone effects bodynandrolone effects bodynandrolone effects bodynandrolone effects bodynandrolone effects body