Post-eq effects loop

@Michele – Thanks for checking out our blog! 🙂 If you are going to be using both multi-effect units in your setup, you will need to decide which of these has a better compressor that you will be using. If you like the PEU5’s Compressor and Overdrive, I would place it near the beginning of the chain in front of your existing MojoMojo overdrive. This way, you can use the RP100A’s Delay and EQ within the effects loop of your amp. But keep in mind, there is no wrong way to set this up. I encourage you to place them in different locations of your signal chain to find what sounds best for you.

I really enjoyed testing and reviewing the “TCT 50H” and the “GSL 212” and have no problem bestowing to them the first “Rig Ready Award” for 2011. I am proud to say they will be staying in my personal studio for a great many years. The “AG10” is a great little practice and studio amplifier when used with the internal speaker, or run through an external speaker. Since the posting of this review, Albion has randomly tested several of the AG10 amplifiers for problems with the headphone jack. They have assured me that the tests came back with great results and I must have recieved a unit with a bad headphone jack. In light of this and with understanding that any products can have a faulty part from time to time, I will award the AG10 with it’s own “Rig Ready Award” for 2011.

Post-eq effects loop

post-eq effects loop


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