Test eq clen cycle

I would push you to a more traditional cycle and eat lean meat like you are going to war. You ca n do carb drops by mid afternoon in your diet and cut all a a clean diet. You are telling me you have a problem here so why would the problem be gone after a cycle such as this? It won't be so you can see wby I say this is a wrong direction. Now if posing for the cover of GQ at the end of it for a big payday and then you go back to the old you then we have a deifferent conversation. This does not solve long term problems brother. High in lean meat diet, clean, carb manipulation off and on to goals etc is where I go. You have a lot of living ahead of you and this is not how you do it brother. I know exactly what you are saying here trust me its just I'm trying to say just because what you are doing is not working does not mean it can't be done. I understand you are dedicated and thats great but there are different levels of dedication and I just don't feel this as being something you look back on and say "that really benefited my long term goal".

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Test eq clen cycle

test eq clen cycle


test eq clen cycletest eq clen cycletest eq clen cycletest eq clen cycletest eq clen cycle