Testerone meaning

Hi can any one help I would like to know if progesterone will help me. I scored 91 on the questionare wow, I had an hystorectomy in 2001. I am 47yrs old … help.  
I'm 41, never had a "regular" period. Diagnosed in late 90's w/PCOS. Asked about hormone imbalance all these years. Answer was always no, even with … Laurel  
I'm 44 years old, I live in Virginia, married to my best friend, have 4 beautiful teenage children. I've had a good life up until 6 years ago. I was helping … Confused about dosage  
Hoping someone can help me. I have adrenal fatigue, hashimotos and possible estrogen dominance. I'm 41 still cycling every 24-26 days but my periods … Upped dose to 120 mg/day now some ED symptoms?  
Wray, I upped my dose of cream to 120 mg/day. I've been using this dose for about a week. I was on a low dose previously (20-40 mg/day for about 10 days … Question 1 1/2 months on progesterone for Wray, Joy, or anybody so inclined  
I have been applying the cream for 1 1/2 months now. I started August 11th and had a very heavy cycle come on the 25th. It was more than welcomed as I … hot flashes  
I am 32 years of age/female. At age 30 was diagnosed with endocarditis and constantly have been having hot flashes the past 6-12 months, but i am still … This is making me scared!!  
Hello, I had my hormone levels tested and my estrogen was

In either case, both men and women, Anavar can be used for far longer than most oral anabolic steroids due to its low liver toxicity rating and further as it does not appear to taper off in benefit as fast as many other oral anabolic steroids. The majority of Anavar users will supplement for 6-8 weeks but longer durations of 12 weeks are not uncommon, especially during female contest preparation time. Keep in mind, the leaner you are the greater the results will be, meaning, they will be far more pronounced; for this reason most women will choose Anavar during the latter half of their diet to reap the greatest reward.

95. And purchase not a small gain at the cost of Allâh's Covenant. Verily! What is with 
Allâh is better for you if you did but know.
16: 91. And fulfill the Covenant of Allâh (Bai'a: pledge for Islâm) when you have covenanted, and break not the oaths after you have confirmed them, and indeed you have appointed Allâh your surety. Verily! Allâh knows what you do. 
Prophet makes peace between the people:
Bukhari :: Book 3 :: Volume 49 :: Hadith 856,887,858 ,863
Muslim :: Book 32 : Hadith 6255 
Keep forgiveness/patient
41: 34. The good deed and the evil deed cannot be equal. Repel (the evil) with one which is better (. Allâh ordered the faithful believers to be patient at the time of anger, and to excuse those who treat them badly), then verily! he, between whom and you there was enmity, (will become) as though he was a close friend.
42: 37. And those who avoid the greater sins, and Al-Fawâhish (illegal sexual intercourse, etc.), and when they are angry, they forgive
42: 40. The recompense for an evil is an evil like thereof, but whoever forgives and makes reconciliation, his reward is due from Allâh. Verily, He likes not the Zâlimûn (oppressors, polytheists, and wrong-doers, etc.).
45: 14. Say (O Muhammad SAW) to the believers to forgive those who (harm them and) hope not for the Days of Allâh (. His Recompense), that He may recompense people according to what they have earned (. to punish these disbelievers, who harm the believers).
3: 134. Those who spend [in Allâh's Cause – deeds of charity, alms, etc.] in prosperity and in adversity, who repress anger, and who pardon men; verily, Allâh loves Al-Muhsinûn (the good doers).
3: 120. If a good befalls you, it grieves them, but if some evil overtakes you, they rejoice at it. But if you remain patient and become Al-Muttaqûn not the least harm will their cunning do to you. Surely, Allah surrounds all that they do.
50: 39. So bear with patience (O Muhammad SAW) all that they say, and glorify the Praises of your Lord, before the rising of the sun and before (its) setting (. the Fajr, Zuhr, and 'Asr prayers) .
3: 186. You shall certainly be tried and tested in your wealth and properties and in your personal selves, and you shall certainly hear much that will grieve you from those who received the Scripture before you (Jews and Christians) and from those who ascribe partners to Allah, but if you persevere patiently, and become Al-Muttaqûn  then verily, that will be a determining factor in all affairs, and that is from the great matters.

Testerone meaning

testerone meaning


testerone meaningtesterone meaningtesterone meaningtesterone meaningtesterone meaning