Testosterone fat

Belly fat can also encroach on the base of the penis, making it looks smaller… For perpetual 12 year olds, I’d think that would be a good motivator to change. 🙂
Weight loss work the other way for women: weight drops, bra size decreases. Sometimes that’s a welcome change, sometimes not so welcome 🙂
Either way, I say healthy is beautiful.
I’d love to read what you have to say about women and testosterone. One of my sisters has always been crazy-strong. I work REALLY hard to build muscle, and she does NOTHING and is a lot stronger than me. Low T?

Eat 80% fat, (butter , lard, olive oil, coconut fat), and 20% protein, (meat, fish, eggs), for 30 days, then see how you are going, Eat until you are full, it is very hard to over eat, because it is so filling and satisfying. Eat 2 or 3 times each day. Have coffee with full fat cream. Keep your carbs to as close to zero as possible. Remember eggs, cheese, and cream have some carbs, so be carefull there. Use artificial, sweeteners for coffee, if needed, not too many though. You will lose weight, Do not starve yourself, hunger is anti weight loss.

Testosterone fat

testosterone fat


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