Testosterone theraphy

I will use it for anybody whose disease is not strictly low-risk — and not just by the original D’Amico criteria. Let me outline it. In order for a patient to get monotherapy [a single therapy, such as radiation therapy alone], without hormone therapy, he has to have a Gleason score of 6 or lower, with less than half the biopsy cores being positive, a cancer stage of T1c or T2a [see Figure 2 below], a PSA that doesn’t exceed 10 ng/ml, and a PSA velocity that doesn’t exceed 2 ng/ml in a year, and he cannot have PNI. Nor can the patient have low testosterone, because if he does, as I said, his PSA is not valid.

Hi Kim, yes if your gallbladder is in that rough of shape then it can and will cause of lot of those symptoms. That is why you can’t handle nuts. Often gallbladder problems are a result of poor HCL levels in the stomach – that is what stimulates the bile to be released from the gallbladder (made in the liver) as well as the pancreatic enzymes. So perhaps the problem is there. You may also want to research some of the gallbladder and liver “flushes” out there but be aware that some are more drastic than others but typically the ones using olive oil and lemon can be very beneficial for most. But you NEED to consult with your own doc on this since everybody is different and I can’t specifically advise you since you’re not my patient. If you send me an email I might know a doc who can work with you in your area.

Testosterone theraphy

testosterone theraphy


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