What testosterone does

If the high cost of medication wasn’t bad enough, blood work and doctor’s visits is where it really starts to pain the wallet. Most offices offer some type of cash discount and in my case it was $65 per visit. You’ll need to obtain at least one blood test for low Testosterone which can set you back roughly $ per test. At some point you’ll need to test your estrogen levels which generally runs $280 + per test. Keep in mind most doctors will want these tests done bi-weekly/monthly when you first start and every 6 months after your T levels have stabilized.  (I can’t help but laugh at this statement actually, I’m not sure it ever fully stabilizes)

The relatively good news is that fenugreek is considered to be a safe herb in that its side effects are mild and tend to disappear immediately upon the discontinuation of the supplement. It is highly unlikely that any users who have experienced breast enlargement while taking fenugreek will suffer from permanent effects. Breast enlargement is largely an anecdotal side effect and not considered one of the more common effects of the herb. It is difficult to say precisely what can occur when any herb is taken at high doses for a lengthy period of time. When you are adding an herbal supplement to your diet for any reason, documented or undocumented, it is always recommended that you first consult a medical expert who is familiar with the particular product.

What testosterone does

what testosterone does


what testosterone doeswhat testosterone doeswhat testosterone doeswhat testosterone doeswhat testosterone does